Original Specially Produced Keepsake Commemorative Cassette



From Slavery To Victory: One Man's JourneyTM



Now, obtain a well preserved original Commemorative Cassette version1 of the Award Winning 1994 Juneteenth National Radio Broadcast that launched the From Slavery To Victory Education Project and its companion Group Study Guide while limited supplies last.  The radio docu-drama creatively relates Rev. Robert Kelley's personal search for answers to the why questions of slavery and the suffering of over 400 years of Black History using narration, sound effects, drama and music.


Get your original Commemorative Cassette and one sheet Group Study Guide for your personal use, home education, family, small group, Sunday School, church or other instructional opportunities by making a donation of just $10 or more to Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. for the From Slavery To Victory Education Project and all of its other ministry activities including the work of Strong Man Ministries.





1 Some of the music in the cassette version has been changed and is all properly used with permission through licensing.



From Slavery To Victory: One Man’s Journey ©1994 Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.