God Does Not Play Favorites!


God does not show favoritism as He executes His judgment among the nations (Colossians 3:25).  In His sovereignty, He has chosen to destroy some nations from the face of the earth; others, He has preserved but not without their tasting their share of tribulation, trouble, hardship and calamity. All, however, are judged for their sins. Among the peoples God singles out by name for severe, but not fatal judgment in His Word, the Cushites--who are black men--are targeted for their pride, aggression against and oppression of others  (Isaiah 18).  In  the  aftermath,  the  survivors

would be humbled and submit to God in His kingdom. This has been the threefold purpose in His judgment of the nations He preserves: to punish their sins, save the willing and use them in His service! For it is not His desire to continually afflict men, but out of His compassion and love draw them near (Lamentations 3:31-33)!



Main Text Only Adapted From The Tract, Does God Care About African Americans?
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