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VOL IX   NO.  3  MARCH 2008



Is God Doing A New Thing? - Part III


Rev. Robert Kelley is the founder and president of Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. and pastored the St. Mark Baptist Church of Portland, Oregon at the time this was published.


(Editor´s note: This concludes an article calling faithful Christians to resist the lie God is doing new things outside of His Word!) 


I invite every faithful Christian reader to stand firmly with me in love to resist the lie God is doing new things outside of His Word.  Professed Christian impostors (Paul in 2 Timothy 3:13 foretells they will continue to grow worse), rebels, false prophets, teachers and apostates are teaching it in and outside of so-called tolerant churches.  You are able to recognize them because they habitually and/or willfully disobey, corrupt or reject God´s plainly written Word or deny the faith and the Lord who died for them!  What does it matter and why do I care?  What is it to me if such souls perish in the way?  I care for several important reasons.


First, I care because the Lord cares and sends His true prophets to warn so that not even one soul may perish (Jeremiah 25:1-7; Ezekiel 33:1-11; Luke 13:1-9; 2 Peter 3:1-9).  The immutable holy and righteous nature of the Most High demands His judgment of sinners; only His love, mercy and grace delay it.  The Lord now sends the storms, fierce winds even tornadoes and earthquakes as manifest tokens of His anger and great displeasure at the escalating wickedness in our land and churches.


Let those here in the Northwest prepare for a brief, but powerful display of the Lord´s anger; anger as when a man is so furious, he trembles.  So, the Lord´s anger will cause the earth to tremble in order to shake us from our complacency and compromise with evil in the churches; the wicked from their defiance and disbelief the God of heaven will judge them in their sins.  I pray after this more of the Lord´s faithful stand and help me as one of His watchmen.  Still, the days of His severe, never before seen warning judgments draw near.  Men in denial will not call the calamities of those days, "natural disasters" (Revelation 8:1-11:6).


Secondly, I care because I have lost and professed Christian family members that are confused by or caught up in the rebellion, lies, deceitful doctrines and narcissistic madness of today´s tolerant American Christianity.  My heart aches for them as they are being led by the devil like mice with cheese to the trap of eternal damnation!  In love every strong man of God in the image of Christ seeks to rescue his own and others too, if they will take the lifeline of truth (Jude 20-23)!  Lord, spare my family!


Thirdly, it matters to me and I care about the churches of Jesus Christ.  Are we not to be known for our unity in the Spirit as one Body with one Lord, faith, baptism and Father (Ephesians 4:1-6)?  And yet, we are world renowned for our confusing divisions that are due in significant measure to the demonic doctrines of rebels, false prophets and teachers!  Am I not a shepherd too and grieve every time one sheep of God is seduced and wanders off after one of those wolves?


They go, but God did not send them; they speak, but not with His words just like the false prophets and teachers of ancient times.  Therefore, without repentance, the God they claim to speak for will judge them openly for all to see; both male and female alike (Jeremiah 14:15-16, 23:9-32; 2 Peter 2:4-22)!


The Lord has tested the faithfulness of His churches while in the daylight and the many have stumbled!  For while it is commendable to adjust snobby attitudes or offer new meeting times to attract sinners, God would never have us do what we have done in compromising His Word.  Our mission is clear: preach the Gospel for the saving of souls, not fill churches by any means necessary!  Now the ideologies and philosophies of this world system have found a home in our many churches.  Countless churches mirror the world in every negative social statistic.


This leads to a final important reason I care.  It is the destruction of the nuclear family in our society that the rebellion in the churches has helped to facilitate through buying into Satan´s lie, "God is doing a new thing."  Historically, whatever negative social event occurs nationwide, the black community has it worse.  Few folk seem to be horrified that only 25% of black households have a married father and mother raising their children together!


Do we not understand that once the family is destroyed there is no more community, but chaos, anarchy and desperate, morally bankrupt egomaniacs running around preying on each other?  We catch only a glimpse of this scenario now in many inner cities around our nation.  However, with the complete destruction of the nuclear family, the near future will daily be very much like the gut wrenching pictures of disorder among black Americans shown globally after Hurricane Katrina. 


Our community is unraveling before our very eyes.  The secular and rebel church efforts to assist that redefine or normalize the fractured family status quo is tantamount to accelerating the situation just as gas does fire.  Only the revival in the churches and efforts to restore men called for by this Ministry stand any chance of holding off the inevitable long enough for the salvation of many souls.


Otherwise, the burgeoning rebellion and apostasy in the churches is directly leading to a grand finale of divine testing foretold by the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.  Since the many churches have stumbled in the day, what will be done in the much more severe night of testing the Lord is bringing upon the whole world (Deuteronomy 13:1-4; Mark 13:9-23; Revelation 6:9-11, 12:7-13:18, 14:6-13)? 

©2008 Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc