The Organization

Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. was founded August 12, 1985 in Fort Worth, Texas by Rev. Robert Kelley.  The Ministry moved to Oregon in 1997 when Rev. Kelley was sent by the Lord to pastor a church in Portland.


This Ministry exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach the will, way and Word of God using various media.


Our mission is to preach the Gospel and teach believers as widely as possible through appropriate media means.


  1. To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.
  2. To teach, strengthen and build up believers in the Word of God.
  3. To be a source of instruction, equipping, assistance and encouragement in and among local churches as well as related Christian entities.
  4. To faithfully represent Jesus Christ in the world.


Learn more about the founding and work of this Ministry as well as read its Doctrinal Statement at


The Founder/President

     A board of directors drawn from among individual supporters directs the affairs of Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. Rev. Robert Kelley chairs the board and conducts the daily operations as President. He has been a Christian since Easter Sunday 1977 and accepted God’s call into the ministry in 1979. He holds a BA Degree in Radio/Television Broadcasting from San Jose State University and a MA Degree in Communication from Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. Rev. Kelley is a spiritually gifted communicator, instructor and administrator. He has served local churches since 1980 as a teacher, program leader, minister of education/media and pastor. He is also an author and has penned many published commentaries and articles--some that are preserved on this Web Site, a book and educational materials.







The Support






     Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. depends primarily upon the financial gifts of individual Christians and churches.  All contributors receive a Annual Report from the Ministry in October after the close of its fiscal year September 30th.  Since the Ministry is a federal tax exempt 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation (I.D.# 75-2052400), all contributions are tax-deductible.  Donations can be made on the Donate Page of this Web Site.






     Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. launched The From Slavery To Victory Education Project (FSTVEP) in 1994. The project is the fulfillment of a nearly lifelong burden Rev. Kelley has had to make a difference for good among black Americans. The FSTVEP has as its central theme revised for its 25th Anniversary, Those born of God overcome the world through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ (1 John 5:4-5)!  A prime objective is to proclaim a healing, hopeful biblical worldview of the black American experience that challenges victimization and calls the willing to become victors through faith in Christ. 


     While acknowledging the negative impact and lingering effects of the historic African American experience on many, the project takes the position the Word of God offers fully satisfying answers to the many "why" questions and the risen Christ the power to live victoriously over it all--as African America’s Christian slave ancestors once did. For this reason, the project seeks to spur a national movement among black Americans to wholeheartedly turn back to or newly embrace Jesus Christ, His will, way and Word!  Additionally, an important objective is to issue forth an urgent and special appeal to disillusioned black American men as God's chosen leaders in the family to be restored and help restore others in Christ.


     In conducting the FSTVEP and fulfilling another of its major objectives to factually present a summary history of the black American experience beginning in West Africa through slavery to present day America, Rev. Kelley wrote and produced the Award Winning Radio Special, From Slavery To Victory: One Man’s Journey which aired on stations around the nation in 1994 and is the featured Webcast on this Web Site.  The historic Radio Special is also still available as a special resource in the well preserved Cassette Tape format.  Kelley has also written a tract entitled, Does God Care About African Americans? a special outreach presentation and print resource on this Web Site.


     Rev. Kelley began to write and publish a free FSTVEP monthly newsletter in July of 1999.  Commentaries written beginning in 2003 for the newsletter and The From Slavery To Victory Monthly Journal its successor are archived on this Web Site.  In step with the 1994 flagship Radio Special, the commentaries have as a driving objective to soberly warn of the present and ultimate consequences of rejecting a biblical worldview of the black American experience.  Helpful informational resources produced for the project and by others through links are provided on this Web Site.  Future plans include the production of a film celebrating the heroic faith of Christian black slaves.