The From Slavery To Victory

Education Project






         Photo Credit: Adelle M. Banks, RNS.  See the Museum Of The Bible Exhibit through September 1, 2019.

In order to forestall hope of freedom from bondage in their West African slaves brought to the New World, those of Western Europe and their descendants that were guilty, went so far as to corrupt the 66 books of the Protestant Bible by reducing their number to 14 and editing out passages that referred to God as a Deliverer of the oppressed among other truths.  The Bible books and passages that were retained emphasized the Gospel, morality and submission to and compliance with a bondage that was presented as the inevitable and perpetual lot of the slaves.  Despite the evil intent of their masters, God's wisdom and power in the Gospel broke through to bring forth salvation and hope to willing slaves looking to Him by faith (Psalm 31:19-24).

The links under the Menu Heading of Hope are intended to see the following objectives of The From Slavery To Victory Education Project fulfilled:

1. To factually present a summary history of the black American experience begin-
     ning in West Africa through slavery to present day America

2. To proclaim a healing, hopeful biblical worldview of the black American experience
     that  challenges victimization and calls the willing to become victors
 through faith 
     in Christ

3. To  soberly  warn of the present and utlitmate consequences of rejecting a biblical
    worldview of the black American experience to the community