Important Radio Interviews From 1998 & 2014

20th Year Anniversary Special

Interview With Rev. Robert Kelley


     The From Slavery To Victory Education Project Creator/Coordinator and President of Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc., Rev. Robert Kelley, is interviewed in segments produced by Radio Producer, Bryan Griggs, for its Juneteenth 2014, 20th Year Anniversary.  Since nothing has changed significantly from that time, the interviews were presented again on the occasion of the project's 25th Year Anniversary on Juneteenth 2019 and will remain in place for the time being.


     Along with Rev. Kelley's reflective 2014 interview answers, interviews with then Portland, OR, Gospel Radio Personality, Al Matthews, recorded in 1998 prior to a local broadcast of the From Slavery To Victory: One Man's Journey Radio Special are inserted to give the listener a greater appreciation for the serious mission of the project and intent to meet the real world, genuine spiritual need of black Americans for authentically biblical answers to their history of suffering.


    As a result, there is also in the project and all of its associated resources, the warning of the tragic consequences for refusing to embrace the Lord's will rooted fully in a biblical worldview.  Interview listeners will be treated to hearing a clip of Rev. Kelley's favorite part of the award winning From Slavery To Victory: One Man's Journey Radio Special.  Click here to learn about how to get your original and limited Commemorative Cassette of the historic broadcast while supplies last.




Flagship Radio Special

Rev. Kelley Interview Segments W/Bryan Griggs
Program Credit
From Slavery To Victory: One Man’s Journey broadcast clip courtesy of and ©1994 Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission. Click here to learn how to get the original and limited Commemorative Cassette of the entire radio program.
Music Credit
The Georgia Sea Island Singers' Live Humble from the Alan Lomax Collection at the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.  Used courtesy of the Association for Cultural Equity.
20 Year Anniversary Interview
Rev. Robert Kelley, Writer and Producer 
Special Thanks
The Lord Jesus Christ for inspiring the interview concept and the 20 year project--to God be the glory!
Bryan Griggs, 2014 Interviewer, Producer and Production Engineer
Al Matthews, 1998 Interviewer, Producer and Production Engineer